Happy New Year, y’all!

Well, 2014 sure went by fastAnd now, here we are in 2015 and its time to start

planning all those rides and campouts! We hada very productive meeting last month, albeit a week late due to the Pineapple Express that came roaring thru on our usual meeting day Still shaking the water off from that one!

Lots of ideas were thrown around, along with new places to ride and camp in 2015. The ride calendar that we have planned is not yet set in stone, but you will be able to see what we came up with later in this newsletter. I hope that most of y’all will be able to attend many of these events!

First and foremost, our annual President’s beach ride and potluck is scheduled for January 17thwitha rain date scheduled for January 31st.I dont know ifI myself will be ready to ride by then, as my horses are reverting back toa feral state due to lack of outings (Rain, work, holidays. Repeat. Oy). Many folks do show up however, just for the potluck and for a chance to reconnect. I am looking forward to seeing many of you there, either with or without ponies!

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to please, PLEASE! Send in you membership renewals by Jan. 31st It isa secretarial nightmare to have threnewals trickle in and it makes it impossible to createa complete and accurate directory for the membership. We did reinstitutea $10. late fee btw to encourage the stragglers. 

TheManzanita Park situation has taken ona life of its own The NCYRA which operates the sports complex there (and manages the gate) went to theMonterey County Board of Supervisors meeting in Dec. to have their lease agreement renewed for anothe10 years Several of us attended the meeting and spoke out about equal access for all, esp. for equestrians and the disabled Long story short, the Board is delaying the lease renewal for 90 days so that the NCYRA has time to come up with solutions to the access problem which they have created Some of us will be meeting in the near future with the Parks Director and the NCYRA to find common ground There has beena bit of publicity regarding this as well Jon Brent from KION dida story last week and the Monterey Herald rana story on 12/23/14. Keep your fingers and hooves crossed that we will soon have some resolution to this ongoing problem!!

See you at the beach! Happy trails,