Greetings y’all, 

Welp, there went October (or almost). Looks like we’re heading down the home stretch of 2014, with all those holidays looming ahead! I don’t know about anyone else, but I always face these last couple of months with mixed emotions. Disbelief that the year is almost over, and I haven’t yet done this or that. Anticipation for the year ahead, especially as we plan out our ride calendar for 2015. Stress, over making holiday plans. And finally, dread, at the prospect of the January credit card bills:-O !! 

Anyway, as usual, I am right at the deadline for the submission of material for the newsletter, and I must keep this short, as I plan to join the MBE ride today at Skyline Ridge. Looks like a beautiful day in the making. Had some blessed rain yesterday and the air smells so fresh! This is our last club ride of the year. 

Speaking of lasts, don’t forget that our last campout of the year is Nov. 6-9 at Lake San Antonio. Message me if you plan on attending. 

Also, the invitations for the Christmas party will be included in this newsletter. Please don’t delay in getting your RSVP returned. Our dedicated Christmas party committee is hard at work to make this a fun event. 

We will also be selecting our member of the Year soon, which will be announced at the party. The board has a few ideas about who that should be, but if anyone has someone in mind who they think deserves the honor, please contact a member of the board for consideration. 

Welp, as John Wayne would say, “We’re burnin’ daylight!”, so I gotta go get ready to ride! Hope everyone is getting their pony time in one way or the other, and I look forward to seeing you out on the trail sometime soon! 

Tally ho!