Sept '15 President's Message

Greetings ya’ll,

I don’t know about everyone else, but I sure am feeling somewhat out of sorts and

disconnected from the group after 2 months with no club meeting! Don’t forget to join

us for our Sept. meeting on the 10th. It will be like a reunion of sorts!


While I don’t know much about the details, the Los Robles horse camp at Lake San

Antonio IS open. Many local volunteers teamed up to help keep the camp open, so that

is some very happy news for now. Therefore, at this moment, it looks like our 2016

Poker Ride will be a go! (sigh of relief). I am thinking that a huge THANK YOU from

the equestrian community needs to somehow go out to these good folks, although I am

not sure how. Let me know if you have an idea!


I did get some good news about Manzanita Park recently. While progress has been

glacially slow (surprise, surprise) it turns out that the county has allocated some funding

to the park to be spent on making the park more accessible. Exactly HOW is still up in

the air, but their best idea has been to create a parking/staging area up top while isolating

the ball fields when they are not in use. If and when this ever becomes a reality, the club

should definitely consider ways to contribute to the park as a gesture of support,

financially or otherwise.


I heard that the Eagle Meadows campout was a huge success. Sure wish I could have

gone! Wright’s Lake is coming up fast, so contact Miz Liz Gheen if you plan on joining

us. And don’t forget our 4th annual Pebble Beach ride on Sept. 26th, hosted by yours

truly! We will be asking for a $10 donation by the way, to cover the cost of renting the

Indian Village for our staging area. Invite a friend! I’m sure that I am forgetting to

report on something but hopefully whatever I am forgetting can wait ‘til next time.:)

Hope to see y’all soon either at Wright’s Lake or at Pebble Beach. Or both!

Happy trails ‘til then,