Nov'15 President's Message

 President’s Message 

Happy Autumn y’all! 

October is winding down and frost is on the pumpkin. Oh Wait! No, it’s not. While the nights have been nice and cool, the weather just keeps insisting on heating up during the daytime! I have to admit, I am getting pretty tired of this unseasonably warm weather and feel so ready for cooler temps! Just today, I prepared to go for a ride at Manzanita and had a long sleeved shirt on as it had been overcast and breezy in the morning. Then the sun came out and that long sleeved shirt got traded in real quick! 

Other than complaining about the warm weather, I have not much else to report. Hope everyone is getting some riding in. I got to ride at “Day of the Horse” in Woodside a couple of weeks ago and that was a blast! It was like trick or treating on horseback, and we got awesome goody bags at the end of the ride! Many people and their ponies were in costume and it was just a very festive day and lots of fun! I did encounter a couple of other MBE’ers out there, Melinda Kehn and Laura Azzaro, I hope to do this ride again next year and plan to be better prepared costume wise. I would love to paint bones on my black mustang, Evie . She would look amazing. 

Our Christmas party will be at the Chaminade in Santa Cruz on Dec. 5th. The club is subsidizing in order to keep the costs down to about $40 per person. It’s going to be a lovely venue, the menu looks awesome and they do all the prep and decorating, so all we have to do is show up for once!! That to me is worth the price of admission right there! You will find the invite and the RSVP on Page 5 of this newsletter, so get those filled out and sent back ASAP. We are going to have a good time!! 

Remember that we will be having elections for the Board at the next meeting on 11/12. If anyone is interested in any of the Board positions, it’s not too late to contact someone on the Nominating Committee and throw your hat into the ring. All the current Board members are willing to serve another year, but that doesn’t mean that any of us wouldn’t happily step down in order to bring in someone new. One more year. IthinkIcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcan! November meeting will be in Watsonville. Please attend and show your support.  

Also, don’t forget that our Dec. meeting will be a ‘day ride/camp planning’ meeting for the 2016 calendar year. I hope to see many of you at that meeting to help us plan out an exciting and busy schedule for next year!  Start thinking about what adventures the club should be embarking on in 2016!

Ride On and Happy Trails,