May '15 President's Message

Howdy MBR’ers!

Welp, our 14th Poker Ride is already 2 weeks behind us! Seems to have been largely a success

and well attended! Lots of poker was played and many a prize given out! The food was, as

always, 4 servings of awesomeness! Weather was perfect and San Antonio was actually the

loveliest I’ve seen it in 3 years! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! to all the folks who

volunteered and donated prizes and stepped up at the last minute when there was a job to be done.

This event would never be the success that it has been without all the help and hard work of


With that said, the Poker Ride committee will be looking in to some new ideas for the future.

Even though most folks have gladly volunteered their time, we still have need of more help. We

have the small percentage of members who are every year doing the lion’s share of the work and

boy, are they getting tired. We are also losing some of our BBQ crew to greener, retirement

pastures. We really need to explore ways to expand our pool of helpers if we want to continue to

host this great event. So, I am going to ask that y’all start thinking about this. Give us some

feedback. Give us some ideas. What is your vision for our club?

On another note, if you haven’t already done so, please go to and sign up

to show your support for this project. Time is of the essence! There is a lot of confusion

regarding this project and Monterey Downs. They are not the same thing! Monterey Downs is

the development project with a horse racing track at the center of it all, which many folks,

including myself, do not support. The Monterey Horse Park is a very different entity. It is a nonprofit

which envisions a horse park similar to Woodside Horse Park, or other horse parks. A local

venue for clinics and shows and other activities. And it will have a trailhead for entering the Fort

Ord National Monument. We NEED this place!

Manzanita Park is still a work in progress. Long story short, the Board of Supervisors just voted

4-1 to approve the concessionaire agreement with the North County Youth Association, but they

must work out solutions for ADA access and equestrian access, or the agreement could be

rescinded in August. A meeting is scheduled between all parties on 4/30/15. They are pretending

to be very excited to work with us and find solutions, lol. Wish us luck!! In the meantime go to

Make Manzanita Park Accessible on Facebook and like their page.

Thanks for listening!

Happy Trails,