April '16 President's Message

President’s Message

2016 Poker Ride Flyer and Registration 

 Greetings fellow Equestrians and a Happy Spring to you!!

Last month in my Prez Mess. I noted that El Nino seemed to have forsaken us for the month of February. Seems that The Kid said “Oh yeah? Watch this!” After a dry February, we got hammered in the early part of this month! Reservoirs are filling up! Mountains of snow in the mountains! Lake San Antonio is at 80%! (yay?) Ben Lomond recorded FIVE feet of rain for this season! An underground spring erupted in my horse pasture and created a mud soup! Anyway, it looks like California will survive for another season and we won’t all have to move to Oregon or Points East just to find water. That makes me happy ‘cause I love it here so much.

And, as of this writing, the Poker Ride is coming up fast! Please make sure that you have sent in your registration forms and also please make sure that you have signed up for some Poker Ride duty. It sure feels like the pressure is off this year since we have hired a caterer for the meals, but we still will need help!!! We need dealers! Trust me, it’s easy! Even I managed to do the job last year, which means anyone can! And it’s actually pretty fun, too! Plus, we will need extra hands with setting up the grounds on Thursday/Friday and tearing it all down on Sunday. We also need greeters to mind the gate as folks trickle in. And Margaret can always use an extra hand in making the Prize Corral irresistible!! Please contact Patti Garcia, Poker Ride Chairwoman Extraordinaire with your volunteering preferences. And we THANK YOU!! This awesome event certainly can’t be the phenomenon that it is without all of you out there helping to pull it together!

Our first campout of the year is happening NOW at Sage Hill. The pictures that I have seen posted on Facebook sure makes it look like a great time, and I am sad that I was unable to make it. I can’t wait to hear the ride/camp report! And speaking of camping, y’all should have received a survey in your email regarding our August campout options. We are trying to decide between Robie and Skillman. Hopefully, y’all have dutifully responded to the survey and stated your preferences by now.

Again, we thank you.

I am so looking forward to seeing all your faces at the Poker Ride!! Let’s have some fun!!

Happy trails,