March '18 President's Message


Hi All,

Hope everything is going well with all of you,

I would like everyone to be aware of the fact that when we have a scheduled ride/event Please RSVP to host: even if it doesn't say so in directions. Thank you.

Don't forget that we have a ride scheduled on Sat, 3/17 at Quinado Ranch. It will be St. Patrick's Day. Wear green if you don't want to get pinched.....

Jayette & I got together and rode at Mudstone Ranch outside of Hollister. We rode for about 3 hours. There are ranch roads and trails. Trails well maintained. Not a place to ride when the weather might be warm, but made a nice place to go during winter/spring.

President Liz


Editor’s Note

Any news you may have about member accomplishments, photos, or trail information please send to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It’s your newsletter and let’s keep it fresh and relevant.Photo in this addition are from Point Reyes and Pebble beach.

Thank you to those who contributed.