Hi y’all,


Well, my absolute favorite day of the whole year has come and gone. That would be June 21st, Summer Solstice, first day of summer and the longest day of the year.  I love, love, love having the days last so long!  I don’t seem to get any more accomplished on my to do lists than any other time of the year; - O but it just feels so good to have these longer days!



I sure hope that everyone’s summer is going well and is including many horse adventures!  I know of some folks who have taken some BIG adventures, such as the Red Rock Ride, which is now on my bucket list.  Others are busy competing in shows and other events.  So much to do and so little time.


We had a really fund campout at Montana de Oro June 14-19.  While the weather can be foggy and cool there, it is a good thing as the trails there are mostly exposed.  There are many trails that circle high up on the ridges of the coastal mountains, with steep drop-offs and ah-mazing views of the ocean.  There are also lots of trails in the dunes and, of course, the beach goes on for miles.  The wind doth blow quite a bit as well, but it really is a nice place to ride. And the campground, while primitive, was very nice.


Speaking of camping, Jack Brook fast approaches.  Sadly, some of the things that we loooove about JB will be closed due to the drought, such as the showers and the wash racks.  But all else is a go and the riding is worth every missed shower!  Besides, there is no such thing as a stinky equestrian.  I think we smell awesome!



Many of you are probably aware that there is a proposal to close Lake San Antonio due to the drought, including the Los Robles equestrian camp.  Last week we submitted a letter to the Board of Supervisors begging them to consider keeping the camp open.  As of this writing, the camp IS still open, but we are still awaiting the final decision.  This could prove disastrous for our Poker Ride, but we are holding our collective breath and hoping for the best.  We will definitely keep  y’all updated….


On another note, the Pescadero ride scheduled for July 26 has been cancelled.  I am scouting out other options as of this writing.  Most likely one of the Mid Pen. Open Space trails off of Skyline Road (Hwy 35).  Whichever I decide on, the parking is likely to be limited, so trailer-pooling will be recommended.  I will send out a news flash in a couple weeks to let y’all know.  There are great trails in these Mid Pen areas that beg to be explored!  If anyone has any recommendations, please contact me asap!



In the interest of keeping this short, I will close here.  Hope to see y’all at some future venue, either a day ride or a campout!  Until then, I shall wish all of y’all Happy Trails!