Dec '16 President's Message


President’s Message

Happy Holidays to everyone!
First of all, I would like to warmly congratulate and ask y’all to welcome our new board members!! Our new club Secretary is the lovely Miss Margaret Parè! Applause! Our new Vice President is the amazing Miss Patti Garcia! Applause! Aaannnd our new President Extraordinaire is the bodacious Mizz Liz Gheen! Applause! And finally, our club Treasurer remains our permanent hostage Mr. Mike Show-Me-The-Money Pinto! More Applause!!!

Thank you , thank you to you ladies who have once again volunteered to help keep our club going! Please take a moment next time you see them to thank them for stepping up! And please, also thank our man Mike for hanging in with us and keeping us in good financial condition! Many thanks go out to Miss Sunday Minnich as well, who will take over the membership duties from the Secretary. Note that Sunday will not be a board member but instead will be the chairperson for the membership committee. And now is an excellent time to remind everyone that our membership renewals for 2017 are due NOW through the end of January! So let’s make Sunday’s job a little easier by downloading those membership forms and getting them to her ASAP. We should also have forms available at the Christmas party and at our Dec. ride planning meeting in Prunedale.!

I hope to see many of you at the Christmas party at the Haute Enchilada! And if that is not possible for you, I also hope to see you at our most important meeting of the year, coming up on Dec. 8th Remember that this is our planning meeting for our 2017 adventures. So please attend if you can and bring your ideas! We will be at the Prunedale Library at the usual 7pm.

And finally, I would like to take a moment and thank my fellow board members for their commitment the last few years. Thank you! to Debra Who Means Well who has been our Secretary for 4 years and has done an excellent job of record keeping and taking meeting minutes and maintaining our membership lists. And thank you! to Doug Muleman Jones for serving as our Vice President for the last year and a half. Doug stepped in mid-term when Mardi and Bob Moore left us for Oregon. And, of course, thank you! to Mike for keeping us accountable and legal!

I would also like to thank the entire club for their support during my term as President. It has been a long four years, and while I am more than ready to pass that torch to someone else, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Prez. I’ve learned a lot, messed up a lot and have had a lot of fun doing it too! And of course I could have never done it without the help of Debra, Mike, Doug, and also Jan Isasi our newsletter editor! I owe Jan special thanks for her patience, diligence and dedication to keeping the newsletter current and accurate! Y’all are great and I hope to keep riding and camping with you for many years to come!

Hope to see everyone soon, on the trail or otherwise. Warm regards and happy trails!