Hi  ya’ll

Wow.  ThismorningwhenI went out tofeed  thehorses,theair hadthecrispfeel &

smell ofautumn!  WhileIdonot lookforwardtodarker,shorter days,it doesmeanthe

beginningofour so-desperately-hoped-for rainyseason.  Bring it!We didget alittle yesterdaymorning,just a teaser whereIlive,inElkhorn, but somereal, actual rainfell in other places.  Gladly,it fell over theKingfirearea,hopefully turningthetidefor the containment ofthat nightmare.


FuneventscomingupinOctober includingour Pt.Reyescampout  9-12,aday ride  on the26th   at SkylineRidge&Woodsidesannual Dayof  theHorseon the11th.Hope that yall havenot put upyour poniesalreadyfor thewinter &will comeout &attendsome oftheseevents!


Someother thingsthatweareworkingonarenominationsfor theBoardfor next year (pleasesubmit your nominationstomembersofthenominatingcommittee) andthe Christmasparty.  ThisyearsChristmaspartycommitteeconsistsofmyself,DebMeans, CarrieCarr & Patti Garcia.  Ideasandsuggestionscanbesubmittedtoanyofus.  The partywill beat BoccisCellar inSantaCruzonDec. 6.  Thisshouldbeafunvenue!


It isalsotime tostart thinkingaboutour calendar for next year.  Remember that our ride calendar meetingwill beinDec.&thecalendar will befinalizedinJan.  Ifyou  haveany ideasfor anewspot for aday rideor acampout,wewant tohear it!


Another itemtomentionis that the lastmeeting it wassuggestedthat wechangeour campout inNovember back toLakeSanAntonioasagestureofsupport for their decision tokeepLosRoblesopen.  ThosedatesareNov.6-9  Thesuggestionwas discussedandvotedon,somarkyourcalendar for LSA, our last campout oftheyear.


And, finally,Iwantedtogiveyall infoon theair ambulance insurancethatyoucanbuy

for$45-$50per year.  Thecompany isCalStar andtheyareon thewebat calstar.org.


Editorsnote:   Seenext pageforSydsinformationonCalStar

 OK,that’sall theblatherI havefor now.  Hope toseeyousoonout on the trail oanyplaceelsefor that Matter!

Happy trails!  Prayfor rain!