Hi  ya’ll

Wow.  This morning when I went out to feed  the horses, the air had the crisp feel & smell of autumn!  While I do not look forward to darker, shorter days, it does mean the beginning of our so-desperately-hoped-for rainy season.  Bring it!  We did get a little yesterday morning, just a teaser where I live, in Elkhorn, but some real, actual rain fell in other places.  Gladly, it fell over the King fire area, hopefully turning the tide for the containment of that nightmare.

Fun events coming up in October including our Pt. Reyes campout  9-12, a day ride  on the 26th  at Skyline Ridge & Woodside’s annual Day of  the Horse on the 11th.  Hope that y’all have not put up your ponies already for the winter & will come out & attend some of these events!

Some other things that we are working on are nominations for the Board for next year (please submit your nominations to members of the nominating committee) and the Christmas party.  This year’s Christmas party committee consists of myself, Deb Means, Carrie Carr & Patti Garcia.  Ideas and suggestions can be submitted to any of us.  The party will be at Bocci’s Cellar in Santa Cruz on Dec. 6.  This should be a fun venue!

It is also time to start thinking about our calendar for next year.  Remember that our ride calendar meeting will be in Dec. & the calendar will be finalized in Jan.  If you  have any ideas for a new spot for a day ride or a campout, we want to hear it!

Another item to mention is that the last meeting it was suggested that we change our campout in November back to Lake San Antonio as a gesture of support for their decision to keep Los Robles open.  Those dates are Nov. 6-9  The suggestion was discussed and voted on, so mark your calendar for LSA, our last campout of the year.

And, finally, I wanted to give y’all info on the air ambulance insurance that you can buy for $45-$50 per year.  The company is CalStar and they are on the web at calstar.org. 

“While we hope you never need to fly with CALSTAR, we understand the financial ramifications of air ambulance transport.,  We work with our members’ insurance providers (if they have coverage) to secure payment for our air medical services.  Still, even insured patients may be left with many thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.

CALSTAR offers an affordable solution through our Membership Program.  For an annual fee of $45 per individual or $50 per family, a CALSTAR membership guarantees that you will be covered for the cost of air medical services provided by CALSTAR or our reciprocal partner programs.  For peace of mind, it is a cost-effective investment—especially for residents and frequent travelers of remote areas far from leading medical facilities.  CALSTAR memberships are available to anyone, even if you are uninsured.” 

While we don’t like to think about the possibility  of having to be airlifted out of some remote location, one never knows.  We had 2 unscheduled dismounts at Wrights Lake (myself included) and while there were fortunately no injuries, it’s a risk we equestrians face.

OK, that’s all the blather I have for now.  Hope to see you soon out on the trail or anyplace else for that Matter! 


Happy trails!   Pray for rain!