Hi  ya’ll

Looks Like it’s “back to school” time already!  Don’t know about anyone else, but I find myself scratching my head and wondering where the summer months have gone.  Here and gone before you know  it!  Oh well, as we move into our Indian Summer, which often offers us the best weather here on the Central Coast, I find myself more grateful than ever that I live where I do.

I have just returned from a weeklong trip to Missouri, from whence I once hailed, and boy was I glad to get back!  Average temp of 95 degrees, phone app said it “feels like” 105 degrees (don’t know how the phone knows these things?)  with the humidity in the 90% range.  It was like a steam bath!  I have to admit that it was SO green and lovely there (they have had some rain this summer) but!!!  Dry heat really is more tolerable than that awful humidity.   I loved hearing again the sounds of the cicadas singing their songs and the lightning bugs doing their dances, but I’m  still scratching the dang chigger bits that one gets just walking across the grass in flipflops.  Oy.  And yes, the hay costs less than $5 a bale, but here we get to ride year round.  So there!

Don’t forget that our Pebble Beach ride/Potluck lunch is the 13th of this month. Directions in this newsletter.  This is our 3rd “annual” ride there, and it has been a lot of fun and has had a good turnout in the past.  Please join us!!

I would like to take a moment to thank our Vice Prez, Ms. Mardi Moore for her valiant service to our club for the last couple of years.  If I ever grow up (unlikely) I would aspire to be more like Mardi!  She has tirelessly served on our board and the board of SCCHA, organized clinics and campouts and volunteered for countless events.  On top of that, she works a real job and she and her BFF and hubby Bob ride and camp ALL the time.  I am seriously humbled by her commitment to the projects she takes on.  Thank you,  THANK you, Mardi for your service and may our blessings and best wishes go with you and Bob on your next adventure in Oregon!!   We will miss you so!!

At our last meeting in Prunedale, we elected Mule Man Doug Jones to the Vice Prez seat to serve the rest of Mardi’s term.  Please thank him for stepping up next time you see him!!  Welcome Doug!  And, thank you!

Speaking of the Board, we have put together a nominating committee to seek new board members in November.  You can find the info on this committee in the minutes of our August meeting and on the last page of this newsletter where officers and committees are listed.  Please, please, if you are interested yourself or if you have an individual that you would like to nominate to serve on the Board, contact one of the members of the nominating committee, so that those names can be entered for consideration.

And that, as they say, is that.  Looking forward to Wrights Lake later this week!  Happy Labor Day to all!

Happy Trails!