Aug '15 President's Message

Greetings ’all,

Looks like August is upon us already! Hope that everyone is healthy, happy anenjoying their ponies as much as possible.

I have some Lake San Antonio news Several of us did attend a meeting in Lockwood recently regarding the closure and I will include a short article in this newsletter.

(see page 4).   I do want to thank all of you who were able to take the time to attend thiimportant meeting There were over 100 people there, many of them equestrians and many local folks as well, some of who’s lives and businesses are being hugely impacted by the closure Parks director Mark Mariscal headed the meeting and the primary purpose was to find ways to re-open the equestrian camp at least for limited use.

While we had a lovely time at Jack Brook, it was a very small group Although everyone paid a deal more than they were used to paying for camping at JB, the club still did not meet the expense of renting the horse camp This is an issue that will need to be addressed at future meetings The club cannot afford to lose money for this event, so we need to put our heads together and decide how we want to approach this event in the future Do we continue to rent the entire spaceDo we open it up to non-members?  I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts and ideas on this.  We, of course, have already booked and paid for 2016, but some decisions need to be made before we book for 2017.

It looks like there will be NO August meeting as well, as our meeting date falls during the Eagle Meadows campout So, I hope to see a full house!! For our Sept. meeting as we all will have had some time off! Come in fresh and full of ideas!!

Hope to see everyone soon! Happy Trails!