July '16 President's Message

President’s Message

Dear MBE’ers

Hope that everyone’s summer is going well thus far! Lots of extra daylight these days to get those late afternoon rides in! It feels so different and kind of wonderful to g out for a ride late in the day and feel that evening air. And STILL get home before dark. J

Not much news to report, except that some of us did attend the Monterey County Board of Supervisors budget meetings at the beginning of June. The budget for the parks department was presented and there was strong consideration for closing down Lake San Antonio PERMANENTLY. All of it, even the horse camp, which has been successfully run by volunteers for just over a year now. It was appalling. Fortunately, many of the south county residents attended the meeting and we all spoke during the public forum in favor of keeping LSA open or at least keeping it in the conservator status that it is currently in. The fellows who run the Wildflower Triathlon and Lightning in a Bottle were there as well. It was an excellent showing of support and it worked!!! The Board voted to approve the entire proposed budget for the county park systems which means no layoffs of employees. Los Robles will continue to operate as it has with volunteer help and they were even going to explore opening the South Shore for the summer on a limited basis! I have not yet heard what decisions have been made regarding the North Shore since the meeting, but happily, our little horse camp remains safe for now!!

All those letters and emails and phone calls worked people! Thank you so much for making your voices heard!

I’m gonna wrap this message up without further ado. Heading to Jack Brook for 5 nights of much needed getaway and horse time. Looking forward to seeing some of you there.

Happy Trails, Syd