Oct '15 President's Message

Happy Autumn   y’all

The days have been hot, the nights have been chilly Keep an eye on your ponies and

make sure they’re drinking enough water! Seems like this is the time of year that horses colic the most due to the changes in weather.  Mystic, my go-to girl, colicked badly in Sept. ’08, just a few months after I had adopted her $3000 pulled her through;-( I have another friend whose beloved, and I mean BELOVED, mustang colicked and died in Sept. a few years ago And just now I watched and prayed on FB of the progress reports of another friend’s granddaughter’s pony who I helped them “find” a few years back as he went through a really rough bout of colic.  Water, mash, water, salt, water…whatever it takes.

With that said, I hope all else is going well The weather really has been “lovely”, as is indicated by my 93 yr. old mother-in-law who resides with us as she happily dons her shorts.  I complain to her about the heat She just says “Oh, I think its lovely!”  Poor thing has been cold since she came to California to live with us almost 3 years ago. Personally, I like my weather in the 60’s – 70’s range,, but then I’m not 93, I guess.

We have a nominating committee in place and if you read the minutes (also the last page of this newsletter where the committees are listed) you’ll see who it consists of If anyone out there might be interested in a spot on the Board, please contact one of the committee members The current Board is willing to continue for another year as is, but please, if you’re getting sick of us, please vote us out.  We would thank you!!

A Christmas party committee has also been formed which includes Deb Means, Patti Garcia and Justine Bratcher/Gardere and myself.  We are looking hard for venues, but alas, many places are already booked If anyone has a suggestion for a venue, well. You know what to do by now Contact one of the committee members.

Looks like our Nov. campout at Lake San Antonio is a go, thanks to volunteers who are helping to keep the campground open Point Reyes campout coming up soon.  We had our annual Pebble Beach ride Sept. 26, the details of which deserve their own column!!


Happy Trails,