Feb '16 President's Message

President’s Message

Hi y’all

Happy New Year and what a New Year it has been so far! Rain, rain and more rain! While it has put a serious cramp in my own lifestyle, as it has with many of the rest of you (unless you have a covered arena, in which case I’m a wanna be your friend...!!!) it has been a welcome relief! This has actually been my first El Nino year since I have had horses at home, and boy, what a muddy lesson this has been. We did buy a little tractor late last year and have been giving her quite a workout thus far, and we also put in a retaining wall and a metal shed for hay in preparation for this weather. Thank goodness we did! My little polyurethane portable hay shed served quite well for 3 years, but it would have never survived this onslaught. Now I am breathing easy as, while everything else is a muddy mess, my hay is warm and dry!!

For those of you who missed the January meeting, we did finalize the ride calendar for the year. I hope everyone will be pleased with what we came up with. Unfortunately, the first ride of the year, the beach ride, had to be postponed due to weather and a high surf advisory. Hopefully, the 31st will offer us a rain break.

Our Feb. day ride will be the DeAnza National Historic Trail in San Juan Bautista on the 27th. No rain date scheduled. Yours truly will be the host. More info later in this newsletter.

It’s time to start thinking about the Poker ride, which will be here before we know it! The club is looking into having it catered this year, but nothing definite has been decided on yet. Please start gathering your Prize Corral contributions and think about what you would like to do to help out this year.

Not much else to report at the moment. Either that, or I have forgotten something important which is quite likely. :-/
Hope everyone is staying dry(ish) and thrush and rain-rot free!! Hope to see some of your faces at our Feb. meeting or at the day ride at DeAnza!! OR BOTH!

Happy, soggy trails, Syd