June '16 President's Message

 President’s Message


Almost summer greetings, y’all
Wishing you a happy June! Hope all is well with all of our members and our 4-legged friends. As of this writing, we just completed our Montana de Oro campout. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! No fog at all and a big old moon at night. We rode the dunes trails and the trails that wind up into the coastal mountains. It is a different experience riding there, but it is one not to be missed! We hope to do this campout again next year. Later in the newsletter you will find a camp report by Lois Connell who was a first time, and very happy camper at Montana de Oro! Please consider this adventure for next year.

Our next adventure is Jack Brook June 30-July 5. PLEASE remember that this campout is OPEN for guests this year for the first time. So, if you have any friends who you’d like to invite, please do so! I look forward to a very successful JB experience this year! It should be beautiful up there with lots of water! Please contact your ride host oh that’s ME, to reserve your spot! Directions, etc will be found later on in this newsletter.

I would now like to take a moment to discuss something on the more serious side. I would like for everyone to please consider this following statement: “For everyone’s safety and pleasure, please show courtesy and consideration toward others at all times.” This statement is part of our “Ride Rules” and I think that it is a very important concept Not only are we members of MBE, we are members of the equestrian community at large. We are also ambassadors FOR OUR SPORT. How we conduct ourselves in public reflects not only on our club, but on our entire equestrian community. Our future trail access is constantly in jeopardy, due to cutbacks in funding for public areas as well as increased demand for access to those same areas by folks who hike and bike. It is crucial that we make every attempt to “get along” with these other groups. We need to remember that most of the other people with whom we share the trails are not familiar with horses, and thus are not knowledgeable on how to behave around them. It is our job to help educate and make people comfortable with encountering horses on the trail. We need these folks on our side! In addition, our conduct off the trail is crucial as well. Again, we are representing our club. I am bringing this up because there have been a couple of incidents in the last year or so which involved disagreements that became heated and inflammatory. This does not reflect well on the club, ad certainly does nothing to promote good will or good ambassadorship. I do understand that misunderstandings can occur even under the best of circumstances, but I am just asking that we all remind ourselves that we are part of something bigger than just ME, MYSELF and I. We are ambassadors, representatives, and stewards. Let us all strive to make the world a better, more harmonious place.

OK, off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening! Remember that we have NO MEETINGS until September! I hope to be seeing many of your faces at Jack Brook!! Until then, wishing you Happy Trails!!