April '16 President's Message

 President’s Message

Howdy MBR’ers!
Welp, our 15th annual Poker Ride is now one for the archives. Since we are still paying bills and tabulating expenses, it is still hard to say just how successfulour event was monetary wise. There are, however, many ways to measure success, and judging from the happy faces and the overall energy and enthusiasm at the ride itself I would say that our event was a resounding success! Yes, our numbers were down, but that I believe was more due to the weather predictions than anything else. Weather that threatened but never truly materialized. The folks who stayed home saw much more rain than we did. The guests experienced some great trail rides, they enjoyed the food provided, they spent lots of money at the poker tables and they went home with some really fun prizes. Happy, horsey campers.

Will we do it again? Our group had a heart to heart meeting on Sunday morning after breakfast regarding the future of the Poker Ride. Overall, the will is there to continue, albeit with some changes. We decided we will continue with the catered food, because WHAT A DIFFERENCE that made! We will revamp our registration process and bring it into the digital age. We will continue to seek donations and beg for more volunteers. Speaking of volunteers, it was pretty wonderful after the meeting because everyone stayed and helped break down the dining area and the prize corral and put everything back into the van! Bing bang boom! It was done.

Will Los Robles even be available to us next year?


And so, once again, a very hearty THANK YOU to every member who came out and participated!!! This event cannot happen without the collective efforts of the whole group. Thank you, thank you! to Mike Garcia and his grounds crew, to Liz Gheen and Jayette Wilkerson as the registration crew, to Margaret Pare, who-can-make-a-silk-purse-out-of-a-sows-ear-and-make- you-happy-to-get-it, and her Prize Corral crew. To Gary Watrous and Merrilee Rae and the whole Poker team of dealers and tabulators, and of course, to the table set-up crew who potted plants and tied up boots and made the dining area a work of art....and of course to Miss Patti Garcia without whose vision this event would not be what it is!! The greatest sight all weekend was seeing Patti riding her horse!!!

Hoping to see yall soon, at the next meeting or at the next ride! Remember that our May meeting is the last meeting until September!

Oh yeah, and dont forget that our Montana de Oro campout is coming right up with yours truly as host. I have only heard from a couple of folks, so far, so let me know soon if you plan on attending!

Happy Trails, Syd