March'15 President's Message

Hi y’all,


It’s bearing down on us at lightning speed! We are so blessed to get to host our event at

Lake San Antonio Again! Here’s hoping that a MAHvelous turnout will prove to the

powers-that-be just how beloved and important this spot is to us equestrians.

Due to the Lake Comanche & Poker Ride dates being on the second Thursdays of March

and April, our next 2 VERY important meetings will be held the FIRST Thursday of

March and April (Mar. 5 and April 2). Make a note of that! Both meetings are being

kindly hosted at Headin’ Home Ranch 772 Buena Vista Dr., Watsonville, at the corner of

Buena Vista and Larkin Valley Rds. Thanks to Merry Lee Rae and Gary Watrous for

hosting the meetings! Please plan to attend! We will be collecting Prize Corral items

and getting folks signed up for PR duties. And fun stuff. We’ll do some fun stuff.;-)

Happy trails and hope to see you at the meetings!