July '15 President's Message

Greetings and happy summer, y'all!!

Who out there is just loving the looong days we're having? I do! I work 12 hr shifts and this is the only time of year that I get to go to work and get to come home while it is light outside. Enjoy these days as they sadly don't last that long. 

Gonna make this short and sweet, folks.

Number 1: Who is going to Jack Brook? I am the camp host and have only heard from a few people so far. Please contact me ASAP if you plan to attend and for how long. 

Number 2: Due to Jack Brook conflicting with our July meeting date, the July meeting is cancelled. Cancelled! 

Number 3: I can't think of a number 3. I am too focused on number 1. Again: contact me if you plan on attending. 

Until I see all your happy faces at Jack Brook I shall wish you all for now...

Happy Trails,