April '15 President's Message

Happy Spring y’all!!!

Ohboyohboyohboy!  First day of spring has arrived and does it ever feel good!  Of course, our hopes for a wet winter are now completely dashed, but if it’s not going to rain anyway, we may as well enjoy the nice weather!

I hope that by now most of you have dutifully filled out your Poker Ride forms and signed up for jobs.  And, if you haven’t, maybe we’ll just sign you up for MORE jobs, so get those forms in. ☺

Remember that we are still taking donations for the prize corral as well.  All items, both new and gently used, are greatly appreciated.  Think of how good the prize corral is gonna look with all those gifts!  Our guests will be dazzled as usual, and will spend lots of time at the poker tables!

And please join us at our last meeting before the Poker Ride on April 2nd.  This meeting will again be hosted by Headin’ Home Ranch, and then we will return to our regular meeting schedule.

Our first campout of the season is behind us already.  It was very well attended and a lot of fun!  More details later on, in this newsletter…

OK, keepin’ it short and sweet.  Hope to see y’all at the next meeting!

Happy trails,