Hi y’all,

This year sure seems to be winding down fast!  As of this writing, we are just a couple of days away from Thanksgiving!  I am hoping that everyone will have had a lovely holiday with friends and family and that we all have had a chance to pause and count our many blessings that we have experienced in 2014. For me, the Thanksgiving holiday means a time of reflection and gratitude.  It is truly one of my favorite holidays.
I hope to be seeing many of you at our Christmas party on the 6th at  Bocci’s Cellar in Santa Cruz, and if not then, at the ride planning meeting in Prunedale on the 11th.  A good turnout at this meeting is a real “must” if we want to be able to put together a successful ride calendar for 2015, so please plan to attend.  If you can’t, and you have some killer idea for a new place to ride or camp, please contact a board member or someone who will be attending so that your suggestion can be considered.

For those of us in the Prunedale area or nearby, you know that the gate to Manzanita Park is often locked shut and the only access to the park is on Manzanita Circle, which means parking our rigs on a residential street.  During the rainy months (which are hopefully upon us!) Manzanita is a great place to ride as the footing stays pretty solid due to the sandy soil.
The locked gates are a growing frustration for many residents and others who want access to the park.  There is a small but growing group of folks who are rallying to take some action regarding this issue.  I will soon be composing a letter to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors requesting that our public county park be opened to all of the public during daylight hours.  I would like to receive as many signatures of support that I can get to send in with the letter.  I will keep everyone updated as to the progress of the letter.  I plan to wait until the transition of newly elected supervisors to the Board is complete.  In the meantime, there is a Facebook page called “Make Manzanita Park Accessible”.
Just last night I joined and invited many folks from my own FB community to “like” the page as a gesture of support. So far more than 20 people have responded! Please, for those of you FB’ers, take a moment to “like” this page.  It’s a small step, but the power of social media has proved to be an amazing force! 

If I don’t get the opportunity to see you during the upcoming holidays, I would like to take the opportunity now to wish all of our MBE community a very Merry Christmas, a
Happy New Year and Happy Holidays in general!  Love and best wishes to all!  Hug your ponies for me!

Happy Trails,