Oct '18 President's Message


Important - President Message

At the MBE Inc. meeting on Sep 13th, we had a lengthy discussion which involves ALL members.

This is your official notification that the Board will recommend, at the Oct member meeting to dissolve MBE Inc. by the end of Dec 2018. This will be done via a mail ballot.

The Board makes this recommendation due to the following reasons: 1. financially not sustainable:
a. required insurance costs of $4,000.
b. membership revenue of $2,000.

c. limited fundraising success (Poker Ride over the last 2 year)
d. loss of revenue at Jack Brooks campout over the last few years. e. lack of interest/participation from the general membership.

This process needs to be accomplished before the end of the year.
We will announce the voting results at the Nov 8th meeting in Watsonville.


Thank you, Your 2018 Board Members:

Liz, Patti, Mike, Margaret, Syd


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